Heat Tape Calculator

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Basic Steps for Measuring for Heat Tape Purchase/ Installation:

  1. Measure the linear feet of roof eave (A) that you want to protect
  2. Measure the depth of the eave (B)
  3. Note any valleys in the roof (C) that exist where the heat cable will be installed
  4. If there are gutters, make note of the number of downspouts
  5. Observe the distance to the nearest outlet
  6. Consider any miscellaneous/additional distance you’ll need
  7. Read the notes at the bottom of this column

Measure for Heat Tape installation

Measure Eave for Heat Tape

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The Distance to Power Connection and Misc Distance for Special Situations does not add additional roof clips to your calculation. If you need additional roof clips for your configuration that are beyond the main eave-zig-zag and valley considerations, make sure you add additional misc clips.