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We’ll let you in on a little secret: The heat cable installation business is profitable. Very Profitable. Even better, none of your competitors realize it. From simple satellite-based estimation to an online material calculator to game-changing products, Radiant Solutions Company has developed the most efficient way to make money installing heat cable the world has ever seen. We want to show you how. 

A Fast Path to Profits

No Start-up Costs. | No Inventory Requirements. | No Application Process.

Installing heat cable is a snap. Starting a heat cable division should be, too. That’s why we removed the barricades to quickly get you on your way to earning money. 

“Installing heat cables was the most profitable piece of my business in 2019.  In our first year, we revenued about $200k.  Our second year we did $1M at over 60% GP.”

Gavin Hepp

Owner, Webfoot Painting

Free Training. Free Support.

Everything you need to sell & Install heat cable, besides your own hands.

Installation Training Guide
We make installation stupid simple. Really.

Sell sheets to help you promote your new heat cable business and close deals.
Consumer-friendly materials to help you close deals. Always free.

Need extra help with your new skills?
Our experienced, All-American, real-live-human Tech Support team is a phone-call away at 888-605-0483. (Take that, robots and giant offshore knockoffs.)

Products They Want.
At Prices You Want.


Best Heat Tape Clip Grip ClipRemember how we said heat cable installation is a snap? We meant it literally. Meet the GripClip™, the fastest clip in the world. Push it onto the shingle and pinch the cable into the cradle and in seconds, you’re done. 

GripClip™ Tough as nails, Without the nails.


Heat Tape Pro

Ice Dam Heat Tape

Conveniently priced below the grossly over-priced cable made by you-know-who and the disposable, big-box junk, HeatTape PRO™ is a favorite with contractors across the country.


We invent, patent and manufacture our unique line of products… 
putting us in the unparalleled position to offer you factory-direct pricing.

That’s right. Our products can’t be found anywhere else for cheaper. Period.
And, we’re so sure about the quality of what we make, everything in our catalog comes with:

  • Automatic, 5-year Warranty
  • Free Same-day Shipping
  • Zero Restocking Fees

Plus, Consumer Satisfaction that sounds like this:

Best Heat Tape

Probably the best heat tape can buy!!!!!
Our winter this year was bad for ICE DAMS on roofs. Thank you for this great product.

– RonG

Verified Purchase Reviewer from Mar 2019

Best Heat Tape

Minnesota winter tested!
These eliminated ice dams that have plagued our town house in past years where we have used cheaper heat cables.

– Jane

Verified Purchase Reviewer from Jan  2019

Best Heat Tape

Fantastic product

Living up here in the Great White North (Canada) I worried about product failure in the middle of winter. After Radiant Solutions was installed, I was impressed. This is outstanding quality heat tape, leagues ahead of the competition. 

– Jim

Verified Purchase Reviewer from Nov 2018

Best Heat Tape


I live at 5000 ft elevation in Idaho and we get a lot of snow and ICE DAMS. I have previously used heat tape and Radiant Solutions is the best.

– Joe Klobucher

Verified Purchase Reviewer from Oct 2017

Best Heat Tape

Kiss ice dams goodbye!!!!!!

Prevented ice dams I’ve been getting for 40 years……best investment I’ve made.

– Jimmy Chitwood

Verified Purchase Reviewer from Nov 2019

Own Your Market.


Demand is High. Competition is Low.

The unicorn you’ve been looking for…
You’ve heard the stories. You know, about the guy who found an obscure niche who makes lots of money. This is that niche.

Be first in line. 
Who installs heat cable anyway? Is it a roofer? An electrician? A handyman? This confusion has been around as long as heat cable itself. The net result is that few contractors have paid attention. Your timing is perfect.

We know the market
We have access to the deepest ice dam market data in the world thanks to our affiliation with The Ice Dam Company. We share that information with our contractors to help them with their marketing.

Heat Tape Heat Map

Contractor-First. That’s How We Roll.


Working as a roofer for the past 30 years has taught Steve Kuhl two things: There’s great money in heat cable and it’s sort of a pain in the ass.

After all, contractors have used the same basic cable and installation methods since the 70’s with virtually no improvements. Until now. Steve invented an installation system, born from a roofing entrepreneurs brain, married with an innovative, patented line of products that makes it simple to create an immediately profitable niche that can be attached to any existing exteriors company. If you install roofing, gutters, or siding, if you’re a painter, handyman or electrician, we can show you how to make healthy profits installing a proven ice dam prevention system. Even better, given that heat cable is a topic surrounded by mystery in most markets, you can quickly become a local expert in your area. Competition is light and margins are high, a fact proven by a number of our contractors around the country.    

But, don’t let us tell you what makes us different. Our Partners’ own success is the strongest proof of what we do.


The folks at Radiant Solutions are great to work with.  They’ve been a tremendous resource for us as we’ve grown this division of our company.”

-Gavin Hepp, Webfoot Painting

I own a rain gutter business and install heat cable. Radiant Solutions Company surpasses expectations with their product and customer service!!

-Joe, Reviewed on Aug 17, 2017

I started installing Radiant Solutions Company heat cable to add to my gutter business and it opened up a large market for other jobs

-Malachi Schweitzer, Malamule Seamless Gutters

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