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Cable Guard for Heat Tape


24″ (2-ft) Total Length 

Protect your Heat Tape from sharing edges of sheet metal, screws, nails and more with Cable Guard. Designed to quickly snap onto any heat tape cable that is 5-6mm thick by 8-13mm wide. Requires no tools to install.  Can be cut to length for specific uses.

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Cable Guard is a UV-resistant flexible PVC extrusion with an inner aluminum core designed to quickly snap onto any cable that is 5-6mm thick by 8-13mm wide. It provides protection against many common forms of damage including cuts, punctures and abrasions. It is simple to install and remove and requires no tools. Cable Guard can be cut with a standard tin snips if needed. Common applications include using Cable Guard to protect cable as it makes its transition into the gutter downspout, where cable is exposed on the bottom of the downspout system, where cable comes into contact with any sharp edge and where cable passes through sheet metal, such as through Leaf Guard, Gutter Helmet and other metal gutter screens.


Key Points

  • USES: Protect expensive heat cable systems against common damage
  • STURDY: 5 year warranty
  • VERSITILE: Works with all major brands of self-regulating heat cable
  • FAST: Installs in seconds