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Grip Clips 25-Pack – Ice Dam Heat Tape Clips


Attach ice dam heat tape to your roof without using penetrating fasteners (nails, screws, etc.). Sometimes putting holes through your asphalt shingles will void your roofs warranty. These situations require a solution free of such penetrations to secure your ice dam heat tape, while keeping it securely attached to your roof. The GripClip is the answer.

  • 25 GripClips per Box
  • No Tools Required to Install
  • Made of weather resistant high-quality aluminum
  • Available in 3 Grip thicknesses for different roofing material
    (.325″, .625″, .875″) – .325″ fits 95% of all asphalt shingles sold in North America
  • Requires less clips in most configurations
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Product Description

The Grip Clip™- An innovation in securing your Ice Dam Heat Tape 

No other Ice Dam Heat Tape roof clip can be installed as quickly as Radiant Solutions Grip Clip™. With no tools required, the Grip Clip can be placed and repositioned in seconds. Using it’s patented design, the Grip Clip can sturdily hold your Ice Dam Heat Tape without the need to put holes in your roof shingles –something that can nullify the warranty on some roofs.

The Advantages of Grip Clip

Grip Clips’ unique design also allows for certain Ice Dam Heat Tape configurations that are very difficult –or even impossible– to achieve with regular ice dam roof clips. One example of this is getting the heat tape to align deep into a roof valley, a common area on roofs for ice dams to form.

Additionally, when doing a full Heat Tape install with Grip Clips, you will generally require less clips then when using standard ice dam heat tap roof clips. This is because the design of the Grip Clip allows for only a single clip on the bottom trough of your heat tape zig-zag, instead of two clips (one on each side of the bottom).

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Additional Information

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Grip Thickness

.325", .625", .875"

A brief video showing the ease of installation of Grip Clips™ Ice Dam Heat Tape Clips in use, installing a clip for heat tape placement.

Holiday Lighting Clips

Grip Clips are GREAT for holiday lighting installations and festive yard and garden lighting! Have you ever used those crappy, cheap, plastic clips to hold holiday string lights on your home? They last just one season if you are lucky. Install holiday lights along your roofline with Grip Clip roof clips.

Easy 3-step “Push, Place and Pinch” installation makes quick work of your holiday lighting preparations. Designed in the USA and made from aluminum, Grip Clips will stand-up to years of harsh UV rays and unforgiving weather. Order some Today!



Product & Installation Manual

GripClips Manual. – Installing Heat Tape with Repositionable Clips [PDF 2.1MB]