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Heat Tape Plug-in Connection Kit


Convert your Heat Cable Pro from hard-wired heat tape to Plug-in Heat Tape.

Using this kit allows you to plug in your custom-length heat cable into a standard 120v outlet instead of hardwiring directly into your service.

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Product Description

A GFI Plug-in cord for your Heat Tape

Convert your custom installation of hard-wired Heat Tape (Heat Cable Pro) to Plug-in Heat Tape with the Universal Plug-In Power Connection Kit. This Power Connection Kit is a ground fault protection equipped, plug-in power connection kit for 10-13mm self-regulating heat tape / heat cables. It complies with requirements for ground-fault protection of equipment.


Radiant Solutions Heat Tape Plug-In Connection Kit works with all 10mm-13mm Self-Regulating Heat Tape / De-Icing Cable. When using with cable not manufactured by Radiant Solutions, refer to cable guidelines and instructions.


Plug-in power connection kit is limited to maximum 15A circuit breaker size.

Heat Tape Plug-in Connection Kit Component list


Tools Required

  • Racheting Crimp tool, Klein 3005CR
  • Utility knife
  • Heavy duty scissors
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Heatgun
  • Wire stripper

Additional Materials Required

Receptacle shall be listed for the US and certified for Canada, grounded 120 volt with suitable approval for the specific location (receptacle must be rated for outdoor use).