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Multi-Purpose Heat Tape Clip


Multi-Purpose Roof Clip, Black Anodized Aluminum, Used to Secure Heat Tape and Other Types of Cables to Standard Asphalt Shingle Roofs, Maintains Roof Warranties, Fast to Install, Fast to Remove

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Keep your cable systems safe and tidy around the roof with the MPC-325. This clip can be used with any type of heat cable from self-regulating to constant wattage to AV or telecommunications. It is designed to work on asphalt shingle roofs ranging in thickness between 1/8”- 3/8”. Need to run cable vertically up a roof? Dealing with a woven shingle valley with no room for standard clips? Want to secure cable tightly to the lip of an exposed dormer flashing? The MPC-325 is a perfect clip to address the improvisational nature of cable installations in the field. 

Installations require NO tools and NO nails or screws, greatly decreasing installation time while also eliminating potential liability associated with using traditional nail-on clips. Additionally, the MPC-325 can be easily repositioned or removed without damaging the roofing materials by simply bending up the top arms of the clip. 

How it works: There are six robust aluminum barbs on the body of each MPC-325. These barbs embed, or ‘bite’, into the back of the asphalt shingle, creating a semi-permanent anchor that can be used for many years without creating damage when removed. The MPC-325 is a part of the Patented line of the Grip Clip™ family.