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PyroSelf Snow and Ice Sensor


This snow sensor detects the presence of snow and/or ice precipitation and tells your ice dam heat tape system to initiate. Early heat tape activation allows maximum effectiveness in the prevention of snow and ice accumulating on your roof line.

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Product Description

The PYROSelf is a stylish, smart and reliable snow and ice sensor/controller. Installed outdoors, it measures the temperature and detects snow, sending the information via the PYROCON12 controller to the ice dam heat tape system. The PYROSelf is connected to the snow melting controller (PYROCON12) with a 30 ft (10m), 24V 4-wire cable and communicating with the controller, providing the temperature value and snow detection based on the adjustable parameters for your ice dam prevention needs.

The plastic “igloo” shape design helps to assure reliable snow/ice detection, as it prevents snow from accumulating around the sensing area. Four holes around the sensor are designed to hold the anti-nesting spikes, keeping birds away. The sensor cap helps to keep the sensing area clean from dust, dirt and debris during summer and when your snow melting system is not used.

The measured temperature and the snow detection are visible on the back lit LCD display of the PYROCON12 controller.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 2 activation zones (24A each 110-240VAC)
  • Unique “Igloo” shape with “anti-bird nesting” spikes
  • User friendly programming and setting adjustment with a large LCD display remote control (RT_PYRO)
  • Optional sequencing between zones – Allowing larger snow melting area with less available power on-site
  • Optional indoor wall panel – IR receiver (IRP-PYRO)
  • Manual and Automatic modes. Selected by a manual switch or by the remote control
  • Adjustable Set points, Lower Limit Temperature, Hold-On/OFF Delay and Manual ON
  • Adjustable splitting time between zones
  • Technician testing / commissioning mode for easy and fast system testing all year long (even during summer or at high temperatures condition)
  • Energy Efficient algorithm
  • UL listed


  • Pyro Remote – Remote controller unit
  • Pyro SB – wall fixture metal bracket
  • Pyro IRP – indoor wall mounted IR receiver unit
  • Pyro XC10 – low voltage extension wires cable, 30’ (10 m.) long with 2 quick connectors – used for connection between the PyroSelf and the IRP Pyro