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Heat Cable Pro


Custom Length Ice Dam Heat Tape

Heavy-duty, professional-grade, high-quality ice dam heat tape at any length for use in controlling ice dam build-up and preventing water damage that can be the result of ice dams. This heat tape is the highest-quality, most effective ice dam heat tape on the market. It is self-regulating, saving you money in energy costs, and replacement expense. Available in 120 & 240 voltages. (See below for more info)

Don’t know how much Heat Tape and clips you need to protect your roof from ice dams? Check out our Heat Tape Calculator:
Heat Tape and Clip Calculator

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Product Description


Self-Regulating Heat Tape by-the-foot

Heat Cable Pro

Our ice dam heat tape is designed for residential and commercial ice dam prevention. Unlike cheap, big-box ice dam heat tape, our cables are self-regulating, only asking for the power they need to do their job. This saves you a lot of money in the long run by not wasting electricity. Our heat cable is also perfect for gutter de-icing and pipe heat tracing applications.

  • Available at any Length
  • Self-Regulating – The cable regulates it’s temperature and power consumption, optimizing for the surrounding temperature
  • Produces 6 watts per foot for ice dam melting & gutter de-icing applications and 8 watts per foot for pipe heat trace applications
  • Suitable for gutter de-icing and ice dam prevention applications on shingle, metal, plastic, tar, wood roofs and metal or plastic pipes up to 6″ for pipe heat tracing applications.
  • ETL listed
  • Requires Power Connection Kit to hard-wire power
  • Can be converted to a plug-in heat tape with plug-in conversion kit
  • Can be used with Any of our Controls and Thermostats
  • 5-Year Warranty

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15.375 × 5.375 × 25.375 in

120, 240

Maximum Circuit Lengths – 120 Volt HeatTape PRO™ Heat Cable

For a detailed PDF manual on our HeatTape PRO heat cables click the following:

HeatTape PRO Installation Manual

The table below indicates maximum circuit lengths for 120 volt HeatTape PRO heat cable at different start up temperatures. The figure in black represents the maximum length of a HeatTape PRO heat cable in feet.

Heat Cable Selection Start-up Temperature Breaker Sizes
15A 20 A 30A 40A

120 Volt

HeatTape PRO™
(6 watts/ft)

50 10 200 ft 235 ft 245 ft 245 ft
32 0 200 ft 235 ft 245 ft 245 ft
14 -10 160 ft 200 ft 235 ft 245 ft
0 -18 125 ft 170 ft 235 ft 245 ft
-20 -29 110 ft 150 ft 220 ft 245 ft
-40 -40 100 ft 130 ft 195 ft 240 ft