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Roof Clip Adhesive Surebond SB-190


Industrial-Strength, Exterior Grade, Clear, Versatile Adhesive For Roof Snow Guards, Heat Tape Roof Clips, Roof Accessories, and General Construction Applications, 2,000 PSI Tensile Strength

Size: 10.5 oz. Tube
Color: clear

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Surebond SB-190: Adhesive For Roof Clips

SB-190 is the ideal roof clip adhesive for a permanent bond between the clip and your roof, holding your ice dam heat tape in place
Each 10oz. tube will adhere 40-60 clips. Waterproof and weatherproof. Lasts up to 30 years. Made in the USA.

SB-190 has 2000 pounds per square inch tensile strength --the strongest one-part sealant available. This sealant is very versatile and can be used on anything from sealing windows to securing snow guards. SB-190 Everseal has the strongest bond and greatest flexibility of any one-part sealant, allowing it to be used across multiple industries and applications. ​​Full cure will take 28 days at 50°F or above. 50% strength is achieved in 5-7 days and 90% at 12-14 days above 50°F. We do not recommend using this sealant for adhering to copper. Not recommended for use with soft expansion joints, foam, or styrene-containing plastic. Minimum application temperature of 50 degrees.