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Thermo Cube® – Heat Tape Plug-in Thermostat


Plug-in ready, temperature-controlled power switch for any length of pre-made Ice Dam Heat Cable. For use with any exterior outlet, the Thermo Cube turns on your heat cable when the temperature requires, and saves you money when it doesn’t.

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The Thermo Cube® is a unique temperature controlled electrical device. It operates with ice dam heat cable and plugs directly into a standard outlet. It is thermostatically controlled and turns the power on and off automatically, according to outside ambient air temperature. Thermo Cube saves you money by reducing idle-draw of power, turning on your heat cables only when the temperatures require.

  • Works with ice dam heat cable plug-in units
  • Turns devices that are plugged into the unit on/off based on ambient temperature
    • Turns on at approximately 35°F/2°C ( /- tolerance of a few degrees)
    • Turns off at approximately 45°F/7°C ( /- tolerance of a few degrees)
  • Maximum rating 1800 watts/15-amps at 120V
  • 1-year warranty
  • UL C/US approved

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