Protect Your Pipes From Freezing with Pipe Freeze PRO Heat Tape

Prevent frozen pipes with the best pipe-trace heat tape on the market, packaged in this convenient kit. Our Pipe Freeze Kit includes a designated length of Pipe Freeze Pro Self-regulating heat tape (cable), a roll of fiberglass heat-resistant installation tape and our quick-guide set up and installation manual.


Can I use Pipe Freeze Pro to Prevent My Pipes from Freezing?


Pipe Freeze Pro can be used to prevent pipe freezing on almost all types of plumbing pipe. Different applications and installation techniques will depend on the material, the diameter of the pipe, and the ambient temperature of the environment of which the pipe resides.

Refer to our instruction manual for the best practices for your pipe freeze prevention project.

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The terms heat cable, heat tape and heat trace are all used interchangeably to described heated cables used to protect pipes from freezing, preventing roof and gutter ice dams from forming and safeguarding temperature sensitive components.

No, we do not.

We sell ice dam prevention systems that include ice dam heat tape and controls, but we do not provide the service of removing ice dams once they have formed.

In the Twin Cities Area, we have a partner service company called The Ice Dam Company that does ice dam removal.

If you have an ice dam and need to contract a service to remove your ice dam, we issue a word of caution: Make sure they are using steam to remove your ice dam. No other method is as safe and efficient. Furthermore, many companies say they are using steam when they really are only using a High-Temp pressure washer –this is not safe for your roof. For information about this, see The Ice Dam Company‘s article about the differences between using a true steamer and a high temperature pressure washer.

Additionally, you can learn more about proper ice dam removal and steam at .

We don’t install heat tape, but we know who does.

We work with licensed roofers, electricians and other contractors as Authorized Installer’s of Radiant Solutions Products. We have authorized installers all over the country.

If you are interested in finding an authorized Heat Tape PRO™ installer in your area, click here to submit your info.


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