Protect Your Pipes From Freezing with Pipe Freeze PRO Heat Tape

Prevent frozen pipes with the best pipe-trace heat tape on the market, packaged in this convenient kit. Our Pipe Freeze Kit includes a designated length of Pipe Freeze Pro Self-regulating heat tape (cable), a roll of fiberglass heat-resistant installation tape and our quick-guide set up and installation manual.


Can I use Pipe Freeze Pro to Prevent My Pipes from Freezing?


Pipe Freeze Pro can be used to prevent pipe freezing on almost all types of plumbing pipe. Different applications and installation techniques will depend on the material, the diameter of the pipe, and the ambient temperature of the environment of which the pipe resides.

Refer to our instruction manual for the best practices for your pipe freeze prevention project.

Heat Tape Questions

Questions about Pipe Freeze Pro?

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Questions About Installing Pipe Freeze Pro Heat Tape

General Questions About Heat Tape

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Roof & Gutter Installation

You can install Heat Tape on pretty much any type of roof.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Asphalt Shingle
  • Cedar Shakes and Shingles
  • Slate
  • Spanish Tile
  • Metal
  • Flat Roofs

Depending on the type of roof you have you may need specific roof clips / mounts designed specifically for the material. Check out our Accessory section to see what we have too help with your installation.

Check Out Our Heat Tape Calculator!

You can use our Heat Tape Calculator to help you determine the length of heat tape you need, the number of GripClips, basic cable clips, and the number of Downspout Hangers you need.

We don’t install heat tape, but we know who does.

We work with licensed roofers, electricians and other contractors as Authorized Installer’s of Radiant Solutions Products. We have authorized installers all over the country.

If you are interested in finding an authorized Heat Tape PRO™ installer in your area, click here to submit your info.



Installing our heat tape on your standing seam roof can be very effective in combating ice dam formation. There’s two main products used to install heat tape on your standing seam metal roof: The S-5 SR Heat Tape Clip, and the standard ice dam heat tape clip.

Metal Roof Heat Tape ClipInstalling Heat Tape on a Standing Seam Roof with the S-5 SR Heat Tape Clip
The S-5 Heat Tape Roof Clip is a new, patented roof clip design specifically for standing seam applications with a focus on ease of install and effectiveness. It is used in conjunction with the S-5 Base, which needs to be purchased separately. The S-5 base is designed to clamp onto the seam of a metal roof as the S-5 Clip holds your ice dam heat tape into position. Can be set up in a single or dual-clip configuration. (See product page for more info)

Installing Heat Tape on a Standing Seam Roof with Standard Roof Clips

There are specific ways/configurations used when installing heat tape on a standing seam / metal roof using standard heat tape clips. The following (2.6 – figure 16.0 & 17.0) shows a snippet of the HeatTape Pro installation manual showing two different clip configurations, more info can be found in the manual itself: Heat Tape Pro installation Manual

Heat Tape on a Standing Seam Roof

Yes you can.

The installation configuration is similar to a standard installation, however you’ll need special copper roof clips to attach the cable to your slate roof. We recommend working with a contractor who is familiar with slate roofs.

Yes you can.

The installation configuration is exactly an asphalt shingle roof. You may want to consider special copper roof clips to attach the cable to your cedar roof. We recommend working with a contractor who is familiar with cedar roofs.

Yes you can.

However, the standard serpentine patterns designed to create water-drainage channels in forming ice don’t really apply to flat roofs, because we don’t have the same directional gravity pulling the water down like we do on a sloped roof.

Each heat tape application on a flat roof can differ based on many factors. The best way to determine a heat tape solution for your flat roof is to contact us, and we’ll help design a configuration that fits the best for your needs. Not only are we Ice Dam and Heat Tape experts, we know a lot about flat and rubber roofs from our sister roofing company in Minneapolis, MN.

Cutting your plug-in ready Heat Tape PRO would void your product warranty, so for this reason we do not recommend cutting this product.

Radiant Solutions sells Heat Cable Pro which is non-capped, non-finished heat tape cable that can be hard-wired into your electric service, or can be turned into  ‘plug-in heat tape’ by wiring it onto the Heat Tape Plug-In Conversion Kit. If installed by a licensed electrician, the product warranty on Heat Cable Pro can be maintained and valid.


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