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Heat Cable Pro - Ice Dam Heat Tape by the Foot
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Radiant Solutions

Ice Dam Prevention Solutions 

After decades of working with ice dams, gutter ice and snow-covered eaves, we decided that the status quo of ice dam prevention systems could use a bit of innovation. Drawing upon our expertise, we worked with manufacturers and installers to create the highest quality self-regulating heat tape on the market: HeatTape Pro & HeatCable Pro. Next we engineered new systems to install heat tape that worked better, saved time and not only protected your roof, but the warranty on your roof as well.


Heat Tape Experts

20+ Years of Experience

Unparalleled Knowledge on Ice Dams

Before developing our own line of heat tape, we installed a lot of heat tape of different make from many manufacturers. We’ve literally installed miles of it. We’ve come across just about every configuration of heat tape to prevent ice dams that you can imagine. When you buy Radiant Solutions ice dam heat tape, it is backed by our expertise and support to help assure that your ice dam prevention system is as effective as it can be. If you need help planning your installation or finding a solution to a unique ice dam problem, we can help.

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